Stem Cell Therapy

PRP (Platalet Rich Plasma), is a medical method aims to help skin healing and skin regeneration based on the use of plasma enriched with platelets.In this method which has been developed in recent years patients blood is taked and centrifuged in a special tube.
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The separated plasma is injected into the target area by using different techniques. Platelets in our blood are necessary to stop the bleeding and for wound healing. Millions of platelets in platelet-rich plasma attract more stem cell and in result growth factors . Growth factors are also refresh the skin allowing the formation of new collagen.

PRP, immediately after lasers and peeling will be helpful for rapidly skin regeneration, the improvement of internal and external factor that needed for skin elasticity which has begun aging, the vibrancy and brightness to be reintegrated, to accelerate the treatment of conditions where skin was damaged like wounds, fractures .

The obtained serum by PRP is the serum of the person , it does not carry the risk of allergy or infectious diseases. Also taking the blood, the separation of platelets and other processes are performed using a special sterile and closed kit designed for this process to make it safe.

To recieve a positive response it should be made at least 3 times at 3 week intervals. Then to help to protect the effectiveness of PRP it should be made again every 6-12 months. PRP's biggest advantage is that the provided effect is not concentrated in certain areas, but spreads to a wider section in deep and permanent. It gives the skin a natural look and structure.

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